About the paintings

        Through my paintings I create an oasis of contemplative peacefulness
in a loud, busy, and often disturbing world. I like to add, in whatever way I can, a bit of quietude and beauty to our collective lives.

    The Landscapes  

        The surreal forms and colors of the landscapes developed in my first painting - a failed attempt at realism.  Barely into the image, I felt bored and confined by copying what I saw and began painting what I imagined. I have been visualizing this imaginary world on a continual basis since that first landscape. 
        I enjoy using realistic and fantastical images together in a landscape, a combination of the outer world and my inner world.

   The Digital Paintings

      The Midnight City series is my first venture into the world of creating fine digital images. These paintings are from phone pictures I have been taking during walks through downtown Seattle in the autumn and winter of 2014-2015. I work from the reference photos using several imaging programs, such as Gimp, Krita, Procreate, and Pixelmator.

    The Creatively Processed

        The images in this collection are digitally altered versions of photos of some of my own original paintings on canvas.  Using various imaging programs I digitally paint, add filters, textures, etc. to make an old image new and different. 

    Metallic Fractals

       Taking inspiration from the classic Mandelbrot and Julia fractal algorithms, I applied metallic and enamel-like texturing and 3D contouring and lighting to render my own takes on these well loved fractals.